Moving the blog from mediatemple to Gitlab

The blog has moved to Gitlab.

Make 2D Games with Ruby and Gosu – Part 5: Automate Test Runs with Guard RSpec

In this video we’ll look at how have our tests automatically run as we make changes to either our code under test or our specs. This is incredibly useful for speeding up the development cycle by getting instant feedback on changes. We’ll also fix some problems with deprecated syntax in our tests.

Make 2D Games with Ruby and Gosu – Part 4: Continuous Integration with Codeship

In this session we set up continuous integration using Codeship.

Quickly see your most recent git branches

I use git all day, every day. I also created a lot of small feature branches. It’s really useful for me to quickly see the most recent branches I’ve been working in. This reminds me which branch I should check out for a change.